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You Could Win A Round of (mini) Golf With U2 


You Could Win A Round of (mini) Golf With U2 

A lot of people like unwinding with a round of golf, but you never catch the guys in U2 on the course.

That's because they promised each other a long time ago that they wouldn't play.

Bono recently said, quote, "U2 made a pledge early on, as teenagers actually, when we formed the band that the one thing we would never ever do . . . and it was a sacred pledge . . . was to play golf. We didn't think it was rock 'n' roll."

Now the guys are breaking that pledge, but it's for charity...and also, it's just mini-golf.

The band is doing one of those charity campaigns, where you donate money to win a chance to play a round of miniature golf with the band. Proceeds will go to the fight against AIDS.

Just when you thought mini-golf with U2 was enough, you also get to share a pint with the guys after the game!

The website doesn't actually say WHERE you'll play, but airfare and 4-star hotel accommodations are included.

Did Mick Jagger Cheat on His Pregnant Girlfriend?

Last December, 74-year old Mick Jagger had a son with his 30-year-old girlfriend, Melanie. Now, the British tabloids claim he was cheating on her with an even younger girl WHILE she was pregnant!

He has supposedly been seeing a 23-year-old 'Kuwaiti-American heiress' named Noor Alfallah for TWO YEARS.

If that's true, he cheated or IS CHEATING on both of them. 

Despite all of this, Melanie reportedly considers herself his '#1 Girlfriend.' 

A so-called "insider" says, "It's Mick being Mick. He always has lots of pretty girls around. What's surprising is how serious he is about new girlfriend, Noor. He normally has a #1 Girlfriend, and then a series of flings."

Billy Joel's New Baby Has Arrived

Apparently, Billy Joel's wife Alexis was a little farther along in her pregnancy than we were all led to believe last week. On Sunday afternoon, she went into labor and gave birth.

If you’re wondering, it's a girl, and her name is Remy Anne Joel.

New-again-dad Billy is 68 years old, and wife Alexis is 35.

This is their second child. They also have a 2-year-old daughter named Della Rose. 

This is actually Billy's third child. He has a 31-year-old daughter named Alexa Ray Joel with his second wife, Christie Brinkley.

Get this: Alexa was in the delivery room with Billy when Alexis gave about a tight-knit family!

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