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Tom Petty’s First Post-Death Single Is Here

Tom Petty's first post-death single has arrived. It's called "Keep a Little Soul", and it's a previously unreleased track from 1982.

The song was recorded during sessions for the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers album "Long After Dark". You may remember that album for the hits "You Got Lucky" and "Change of Heart".

"Keep a Little Soul" will be on the upcoming box set "An American Treasure", which features 60 unreleased songs, alternative takes, live versions, and other stuff from the vaults. It's coming out September 28th.

Peter Frampton Freaks Out…AGAIN

Almost three years since Peter Frampton threw some poor shlub’s phone during a concert, Frampton came alive…again!

During a live show at the Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing, Minnesota on Sunday night Peter noticed a fan waiving old albums on his giant on-stage video screen.

The Star Tribune reports that when a women held up a copy of “Frampton Comes Alive!”, the scene was displayed on the onstage video screen, raising a cheer from the 8,000-strong crowd, which “prompted Frampton to lament that the interruption came during a guitar solo.”

Seconds later a similar situation occurred, this time with a copy of “I’m in You”. Frampton then reportedly leaned his face into the camera and let out a two-word expletive.

He and his band left the stage at that point. They returned several minutes later and continued their show, with the video screens switched off.

One eyewitness said there had been a “camera tug of war” with the video operator, which “went back and forth until Peter finally let go and walked offstage”

After the show, Frampton took to his Facebook to explain his meltdown:

Did Mick Jagger Cheat on His Pregnant Girlfriend?

Last December, 74-year old Mick Jagger had a son with his 30-year-old girlfriend, Melanie. Now, the British tabloids claim he was cheating on her with an even younger girl WHILE she was pregnant!

He has supposedly been seeing a 23-year-old 'Kuwaiti-American heiress' named Noor Alfallah for TWO YEARS.

If that's true, he cheated or IS CHEATING on both of them. 

Despite all of this, Melanie reportedly considers herself his '#1 Girlfriend.' 

A so-called "insider" says, "It's Mick being Mick. He always has lots of pretty girls around. What's surprising is how serious he is about new girlfriend, Noor. He normally has a #1 Girlfriend, and then a series of flings."

Billy Joel's New Baby Has Arrived

Apparently, Billy Joel's wife Alexis was a little farther along in her pregnancy than we were all led to believe last week. On Sunday afternoon, she went into labor and gave birth.

If you’re wondering, it's a girl, and her name is Remy Anne Joel.

New-again-dad Billy is 68 years old, and wife Alexis is 35.

This is their second child. They also have a 2-year-old daughter named Della Rose. 

This is actually Billy's third child. He has a 31-year-old daughter named Alexa Ray Joel with his second wife, Christie Brinkley.

Get this: Alexa was in the delivery room with Billy when Alexis gave about a tight-knit family!

Pink: Billy Joel Is Too Talented To Work With

Billy Joel is basically Pink's idol, so she was stoked when she got him to agree to write a song with her earlier this year. Despite all of her excitement though, their first attempt was a disaster, and Pink totally blames herself.


"The problem is he's too good for me. I clammed up. But we're gonna keep trying. He goes, 'Do me a favor: Go home, pick out the best poem you've ever written and send it to me, and I'll make you a song.' I got home and was like, 'All my poems are the worst pieces of trash I've ever seen in my life.'" 

Pink adds, quote, "Billy Joel is, in my opinion, one of the best songwriters that's ever lived. I walked down the aisle to 'She's Always a Woman'. I grew up listening to him with my dad. He was the first concert I ever went to at 2 years old." 

Speaking of collaborations, Pink hit the stage with GUNS N' ROSES in Madison Square Garden Wednesday night to sing "Patience" with AXL. Watch the video below. Pink comes out at 4:28:

Don't Expect Bruce Springsteen To Address Trump on His Next Album

Bruce Springsteen is working on a new solo album without the E Street Band. Despite the expectations of nearly everybody in the known universe, he says it will NOT address the current political climate.

Springsteen says "I'm not driven to write any anti-Trump diatribe, that doesn’t feel necessary at the moment." He says it feels "redundant" to him, and that politics isn't something he's obsessed with right now. 

Bruce continues "I'm ambivalent about getting on a soapbox right now. I still believe people fundamentally come to music to be entertained. Yes, to address their daily concerns, and yes, also to address political topics, I believe music can do that well...but I still believe fundamentally it's an affair of the heart. People want you to go deeper than politics." 

He also says that he never wanted to be JUST a proselytizer for an ideological point of view. Critics of The Boss have long yearned for him to keep to making his tunes, and stay away from political messaging. 

There's no title or release date for the album yet. 

If you'd like to see more from the interview, you can find it here by clicking this link.

Gene Simmons Would Trademark the "Air You Breathe" If He Could

Gene Simmons had the whole music industry rolling its eyes when he tried to trademark the "devil horns" hand gesture, but the backlash didn't affect him.

As a matter of fact, Simmons doubled down during a recent interview. Gene says "You can't please everybody. Not everybody likes Jesus, either. Instead of worrying what people think, I just go my merry way, and do whatever I want to do. If I could, I would trademark the air you breathe. Every breath. Yes, I would." 

Gene withdrew the devil horns trademark application not long after it was filed. Trademark experts say the request probably wouldn't have succeeded.

[Video] The Boss Joins Macca On Stage In New York

Rock legend Paul McCartney’s tour has been receiving rave reviews, as should be expected. It’s not just that the 72 year old former Beatle sounds great for an elder statesman, according to critics, McCartney just sounds plain great, period. 

It also doesn’t hurt having the most famous Rolodex filled with all-star names like Bruce Springsteen, and Steven Van Zandt. 

During his encore, Macca called his friend The Boss on stage to perform “I Saw Her Standing There” with Little Steven and the McCartney band. 

Paul loved the rendition so much, he went for the double-dip asking everybody to play it twice. Watch the performance below!


Gene Simmons Is Going To Share A Stage With Ace Frehley For Charity

Gene Simmons will play alongside former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley again, for the first time in 16 years!

When the band broke up it looked as if they’d never reconcile, but relations between the estranged band members have been thawing for a while.

First Paul Stanley recorded a song with Ace last year.

Then in June, Gene helped out on a few tracks for Ace's solo album.

One of Gene and Paul's biggest gripes with Ace was his drug abuse, but he's reportedly been sober now for over a decade.

It's worth noting, Gene is NOT bringing Ace back into the KISS fold...not yet at least. Gene and Ace will share the stage at the 'Children Matter' Benefit Concert in St. Paul, Minnesota next weekend.

Gene's solo band is headlining, and other performers include Cheap Trick, and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder.

Gene hasn't commented on the reunion, but he is talking about a promotion where he's offering to hand-deliver a 10-CD 'vault' box set to your house.

You'll have to shell out $50,000 to make it happen, but who doesn’t have that kind of cash laying around?

Ozzy's Key To A Long Marriage? “Don’t Get Caught Cheating”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have been together 35 years. "Rolling Stone" asked Ozzy for his secret to staying together for nearly four decades.

The Blizzard of Oz had one piece of advice to all of the married men out there: "Don't get caught with your mistress."

Obviously, Ozzy was being tongue-in-cheek. Sharon actually DID catch him, with SEVERAL mistresses. It was almost the end of their long run together when she packed his bags for him.

On a more serious note, Ozzy lamented, "I suppose it's fair to say we love each other. I love her, and she loves me. She was brought up in a music industry, so she's not like a schoolteacher who married a rock star. There's no other woman I really want to spend the rest of my life with. You make a mistake and you learn by it. She's made a few mistakes, and so have I."

He added, "I'm not proud of all that [crap]. I upset my wife and I upset my family and I made a lot of shock and shame. I love my wife, and it made me realize what [an effing] idiot I've been."

Ozzy sounded off about other aspects of love and marriage, as well as life after Black Sabbath in the Rolling Stone article. Read more on that by clicking this link

The Legend of Keith Moon’s 21st Birthday Party

There are a lot of bands who made their names in the 1960’s and 1970’s. For the biggest rock groups during that time, wrecking a hotel room with a party or two came with the job. There is one party story that continues to resonate to this day with fans of rock debauchery. 

Keith Moon turned 21 years old on August 23rd 1967, but because of travel and tour schedule he had to put off his celebration for 24 hours.

What ensued on August 24th is the stuff legends are made of...

The Who, on their first North American tour, are opening for Herman’s Hermits at Flint Michigan’s Atwood Stadium. Their show wraps by roughly 10:00pm, which is when the band and their entourage decide to head to their hotel rooms at the local Holiday Inn.

As you would expect, at that point the drugging and drinking begin - or rather continue from earlier in the night at the venue. Moon, who has a reputation for getting blackout drunk and drugged up surfaces with a room full of women. It should come to nobody’s surprise that clothing was optional for this party.

The details begin to get a little fuzzy at this point, but according to the hotel manager it was during the next hour that most of the hotel fire extinguishers were emptied for no reason. That was then allegedly followed by toilet exploding in Keith’s hotel room. 

To celebrate their wildest client, a drum company had delivered a giant cake to the hotel for Moon. As all of his friends and band mates gathered in the ballroom to serenade the drummer, a female fan jumps out of the cake wearing no clothing. 

Keith decides to keep the festive mood going by dumping the cake on those in attendance. As you would expect, that was the opening salvo in the biggest, and probably only, food-fight in the Flint Michigan Holiday Inn’s history. 

The fight spills out of the ballroom into the hotel lobby causing chaos and confusion. It was during this confusion that Keith Moon lost the rest of his clothes, which presumably was his underwear. 

Just as Keith is seen running naked through the lobby covered in birthday cake, the police arrive at the hotel which causes all involved to scatter. 

Moon, fearful of being arrested, runs out of the hotel in search of an exit plan. He finds this exit plan in the form of a 1967 Lincoln Continental. He hops in the car, releases the handbrake, and promptly begins to roll backward crushing a property fence, and sinking the brand new car into the hotel pool. 

Moon surfaces in the pool after exiting the now sunk Linocln and realizes he’s surrounded by police who have their guns drawn and pointed at him.

Not one to give up, the wild-child drummer decided to make ANOTHER run for the exit after geting out of the pool. Unfortunately for Moon, he slipped on a piece of cake and hit the deck, knocking out his front tooth.

The cops are finally able to apprehend Keith, but before hauling him off to jail they stop at a dentist to reapir his mouth. The dentist reportedly tells Moon, and the police, that in his current state he doesn’t even need novicane!

With his tooth fixed, the officers bring the drummer to jail for the night. The next morning he gets bailed out by his manager, and is sent on a chartered plane to his next gig in Philadelphia. 

Keith went on to build a notorious reputation for acting out on the road. Rolling Stone chronicled this in a piece titled “Keith Moon’s 10 Wildest Pranks”. It is definitely worth the read if you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

Tommy Lee Renews Membership To Mile High Club; Shocks Nobody

Tommy Lee is no stranger to sex videos, but this time, he didn't mean to have his passions recorded.

Tommy was flying first class on American Airlines the other day when he went to use the bathroom. However, he wasn't alone - his girlfriend Brittany Furlan went in there with him.

Another passenger noticed, and started recording the bathroom door. Eventually, Tommy comes out, by himself. Less than 30 seconds later, Brittany made her exit with a big grin on her face:

A source says passengers were annoyed because they were in there for 20 minutes, and the entire flight took less than an hour.

Tommy and Brittany probably won't get in trouble though. Nobody complained to the airline, and it's actually not against the rules for two people to use the bathroom at the same time.

It wasn't a perfect flight for them either despite the throws of passions that people assume took place in the bathroom. According to Furlan, the airline ended up losing their luggage.

Dennis DeYoung Addresses Rumors He Wants To Rejoin Styx

While giving an interview to Rock Candy Magazine Dennis DeYoung was faced with a question about whether he would be open to touring with Styx one more time for nostalgia sake.

While DeYoung says the sting of the split he had with the band is still present in his memories, he still thinks another reunion could work towards healing the fan base.

Dennis goes in-depth in the latest edition of his exclusive podcast “Come Sail Away” 

Fans of Styx may remember one of their many iterations with DeYoung. The band was formed with Dennis at the helm in 1972. What followed was a 12 year run as a mainstream progressive rock success. At thisa point, the wheels began to wobble as in-fighting between Tommy Shaw and Dennis over the direction of the band began to affect other members. 

Styx disbanded in 1984, only to return to the stage in 1990 without Shaw - who some consider the backbone to the band’s rock sound. At that point Shaw was committed to his new band the Damn Yankees, and refused to part ways with the project. 

Five years later Shaw returned to Styx, but the honeymoon only lasted 4 years before in-fighting returned at DeYoung once again parted ways with the band. 

In a July 7, 2011 interview with Rolling Stone magazine Tommy Shaw said that he "[doesn't] think [a reunion with DeYoung] is realistic," and that "what was true in 1983 was only more true in 1996", in which his coming together with DeYoung had "a very negative effect on each other".

However, since 2010, DeYoung has instead formed a new band with guitarists August Zadra and Jimmy Leahey, bassist-vocalist Craig Carter, Tom Sharpe, John Blasucci and wife Suzanne DeYoung to perform Styx hits and other DeYoung solo works touring North America billed 'Dennis DeYoung: the Music of Styx'. 

Uncle Ted Says Kid Rock Is Not Running For Senate

It’s not like Donald Trump was the first celebrity to run for elected office, he’s just the most recent celebrity. It does however feel like his election as President has spurred a lot of rumors of other stars who want to get on their respective party’s tickets.

As a matter of fact, recently we heard from the Rock, Dwayne Johnson, that he’s considering a run at the White House.

But Ted Nugent wants everybody to know if you’re getting hyped for Kid Rock’s Senate run next year, DON’T…it’s not happening:

“Somebody write this down:  Kid Rock ain’t running for squat…some goofball in the Michigan GOP just pulled it out of their ass and said, ‘What about Kid Rock?’ Kid Rock’s rocking and rolling, he’s touring, he’s writing songs, he’s recording, he’s got a full-time job and he’s a great man, but that the GOP and the media continue to milk this nonsense is one of the most embarrassing chapters for the Republican party.”

No comment from Kid Rock yet, but The Rock doesn’t look like he’s trying to shake off the rumors anytime soon!

The Eagles Announce New 2017 Tour Dates!

After successful Classic East and West Festival appearances, the Eagles have opted to take their latest iteration of the band back out on the road.

As previously reported on multiple outlets Glenn Frey’s son Deacon is now part of the lineup, which has also been joined by veteran country artist Vince Gill.

Judging by the way the band  is now referring to themselves in marketing materials (“Don Henley, Joe Walsh & Timothy B. Schmit, with Vince Gill and Deacon Frey”), it seems likely that neither Gill, or Deacon Frey are fully tenured members, and are instead being hired for however long this iteration of the Eagles lasts.

What does that mean? It means that the Eagles have a short term plan, but are not communicating if they have a long-term vision or not.

This current tour, dubbed “An Evening with the Eagles,” begins Oct. 17 in Greensboro, North Carolina. Three days later, the band moves on to Atlanta; further dates follow in Louisville and Detroit. Tickets for the “Evening with the Eagles” dates are set to  go on sale Aug. 19 at 10AM. As usual with Live Nation tours, American Express account holders will get an early shot through a pre-sale that begins Aug. 15. A complete list of currently announced dates is below:

Off-Tour Show Dates 9/30 – Classic Northwest – with the Doobie Brothers in Seattle, WA

An Evening with the Eagles 10/17 — Greensboro, N.C. — Greensboro Coliseum 10/20 — Atlanta, GA — Philips Arena 10/24 — Louisville, KY — KFC Yum! Center 10/27 — Detroit, MI — Little Caesars Arena

While we still have no word from the band that more dates are imminent, we believe we are days/weeks away from a full-blown North American tour announce, to be followed by dates overseas as well.

Metallica Cover Disney Tunes, Rihanna, and Themselves On Their Carpool Karaoke Episode

You may think you would never see somebody like James Hetfield sing the lyrics from the kid flick “Little Mermaid”, but you’d be wildly wrong.

Some teasers from the Carpool Karaoke iTunes spin-off show are hitting the web and one of the more popular ones include Metallica. The trailer doesn’t reveal too much, but includes clips of the band not only singing “Part of Your World”, but also one of Rihanna’s mega-hits “Diamond”:

Bruce Springsteen Hits The Great White Way

Bruce Springsteen sold out a stadium that can hold over 50,000 New Yorkers three times last year, but now he’s launching a series of very intimate shows on Broadway.

Beginning in October, he’s going to do eight weeks of shows at the Walter Kerr Theater, which has a capacity under 1,000. They are solo shows that will run five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday.

It’s called “Springsteen on Broadway”, and in addition to singing, he’ll read excerpts from his 2016 autobiography “Born to Run”. Bruce is looking forward to the intimacy of the shows:

“It’s just me, the guitar, the piano, and the words and music.”

He chose Broadway because, quote, “it has the beautiful old theaters which seemed like the right setting for what I have in mind. In fact, with one or two exceptions, [the theater’s] 960 seats is probably the smallest venue I’ve played in the last 40 years.”

Hit up for more information.

Could Journey Be Splitting Up...Again?

Those of you who went to see Journey play on this past tour may have witnessed one of their last performances together. 

It turns out, Neal Schon isn’t just fighting with Jonathan Cain – the embattled guitarist is currently feuding with ALL of the members in the band!

The most recent spat is centered around all of the current members of Journey agreeing to visit the White House despite Neal Schon forbidding them to do so:

That got the rumor mill rolling inside, AND outside of the band. Suddenly Schon was on Twitter fueling the fire suggesting that the band was ready to dump the co-founder and move on with touring:

Once listeners began to freak out, some asked Neal what he planned to do if the band does split…again…

Neal promised that he’d continue to make amazing tunes – taking his sound to new heights:

No word yet from former front man, and past Schon rival Steve Perry, but I’m sure he’s got to feel a little bit vindicated as he watches the in-fighting from a safe distance.

Dennis DeYoung Wants To Tour With Styx – But Does Styx Want To Tour With Dennis DeYoung?

Styx and former front man Dennis DeYoung have been on the outs for a while now, even though Dennis has tried to get the band back together off and on over the past decade.

Now, he’s taking it a step further, and is pleading with James Young and Tommy Shaw to do “one last tour” with the classic lineup, for old time’s sake. He says he’s sure there would be interest from fans.

“The fans want a reunion, and I’ve wanted one every day since I was replaced. I never wanted to be a solo artist. Still don’t.  I like being on a team, and that’s what a band is like. It’s us against them, strength in numbers, and sharing the success and failure.”

The band has been touring without Dennis for some time now, but nothing will ever beat the classic lineup with everybody on stage at the same time

James and Tommy haven’t commented yet, but with the sea of classic rock acts getting on board the reunion train – this one couldn’t be too far behind as well!

Hear more from Dennis on his exclusive podcast: Come Sail Away with Dennis DeYoung


Ringo Star Gets By With A Little Help From His Friends – On His New Single

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the first single off the new Ringo Starr album “Give More Love LP”, wait no longer! The audio has hit YouTube, and we have it below.

Ringo called on Paul McCartney, and Joe Walsh for a little help from his friends to make his debut release off the album a big one.

The song is titled “We’re On The Road Again”. Co-written by Toto guitarist/All-Star Band member Steve Lukather, the track recants life on road as a band.

Walsh and McCartney both did their part of the song while at Ringo’s home studio, which Starr capped off by posting a photo of on Instagram.

Give More Love, due Sept. 15, finds Starr following his usual custom of inviting numerous special guests to join him in the studio; aside from Lukather, McCartney and Walsh, the record also features appearances from Peter Frampton, Edgar Winter and Walsh’s fellow Eagle Timothy B. Schmit, among others.


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