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Unvaccinated child dies of flu, Florida health officials say

An unidentified child in Florida has died after testing positive for influenza in the first week of the 2018-2019 flu season, state health officials said.

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The child, who was not identified, had no known underlying medical conditions, according to the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of Epidemiology. The child was not vaccinated and tested positive for influenza B at an unidentified health care provider sometime between Sept. 30 and Oct. 6, officials said in a report issued Friday.

2017 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found vaccination against influenza reduced a child’s likelihood of dying of the flu by as much as 65 percent.

“Children, especially those with certain health conditions, are at increased risk of severe complications from influenza infection,” according to Florida health officials. “Most deaths are reported in unvaccinated children.”

Between Sept. 30 and Oct. 6, state health officials received two reports of influenza or influenza-like illness outbreaks in Florida schools or camps for children. Officials noted that no children were hospitalized or killed as a result of the outbreaks.

California teen fatally shoots father to protect mom from abuse, police say

A 16-year-old California boy fatally shot his father after an argument escalated into violence Saturday, The Fresno Bee reported.

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Detectives said Javier Vera, 54, was killed when his son attempted to stop him from abusing his mother, KFSN reported.

The teen will not face charges at this time, Fresno County sheriff’s spokesman Tony Botti said.

Botti said the teen and his parents were returning from a family gathering when the argument started.

Vera had been drinking and allegedly began choking his 49-year-old wife at the family home when the teen shot his father, Botti told the Bee.

Watch: Man jumps barrier to tiger pen at Oakland Zoo

Officials at the Oakland Zoo are reviewing cellphone video of a visitor climbing the outer wall near the tigers’ pen, NBC Bay Area reported.

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Video taken Sunday at the zoo shows a man jumping the barrier, then quickly leaving the area when the tiger begins to approach, KGO reported.

One witness said a zoo employee scolded the man.

"He jumped that fence, like the little railing, and the tiger just launched at him and he jumped back up,” Sam Fayad told KGO. “I heard from somebody he said he dropped his glasses or something, but when he came back up, I didn't see nothing in his hand.

Fayad told the television station that the tiger became agitated and started pacing back and forth before approaching the fence near the barrier.

"Now that we know that happened, we can definitely take it into consideration," Erin Harrison, of the Oakland Zoo, told NBC Bay Area. "We feel our barriers are great, but we can always review that and see if there's more we can do to communicate to the public.”

"The Oakland Zoo meets and exceeds safety requirements set by state, federal, and AZA accreditation standards,” the zoo said in a statement. “We hope that all of our visitors act responsibly, and don't attempt to put themselves in potentially unsafe situations."

California family finds hole cut in toddler's bedroom window

A California family discovered a circular hole cut into the window of a 1-year-old boy’s nursery, KGTV reported.

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“This isn’t something really random. This is something calculated,” the owner of the Imperial Beach home, who identified himself as Vanya, told KSWB. “There’s something especially chilling about this, I think."

Vanya said he and his wife were returning from the movies when they received a call from their daughter. The girl had felt a draft in the house.

"She went around and found a perfectly cut hole in our son’s nursery,” Vanya told KSWB

When he got home, Vanya said he noticed the window lock to the toddler’s room was broken.

“While I was reporting this hole to the authorities is when my spouse remembered that in the middle of the week she had heard glass being popped out and our son had been asleep upstairs and when she went up to check — thinking he woke up and broke something — she didn’t see anything and so she assumed it was commotion from the neighbors,” Vanya told the television station.

The burglar likely used a ladder to scale the 10-foot-tall building before pulling out a glass cutter. The roof tiles were found damaged, KGTV reported."Very calculated. It scared me. Intuitively, we know they've done this before and will do it again,” Vanya told the television station. “What happens when they encounter someone's loved one? Would they run off or commit violence against them?”

Deputies continue to investigate, KSWB reported.

Melania Trump's spokeswoman calls for boycott of rapper T.I.

A Melania Trump spokeswoman is asking people to boycott Atlanta rapper T.I. because of his promotional album video that shows a woman resembling the first lady taking off her clothes in the oval office.

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Trump's communications director, Stephanie Grisham, posted a tweet Saturday asking how the video was acceptable.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, wrote Friday on Twitter, "Dear 45, I ain't Kanye," before sharing the video.

>> T.I. 'officially done' with Kanye West after White House visit

In the clip, the woman in question is wearing a jacket that reads, "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" 

Trump wore a jacket with that wording on it in June while on her way to visit migrant children who were detained in Texas.

>> Melania Trump wears 'I don't really care jacket' ahead of visit with detained child migrants

She said recently in an interview with ABC News that she wore the jacket to troll reporters.

The tweets follow T.I. posting on Instagram that he was done working with rapper Kanye West, who is a supporter of President Donald Trump. 

Students claim cookies contained ashes of grandparents, police say

Grandmothers are known for baking cookies. But ashes of grandmothers baked into cookies is a weird and disturbing twist.

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California police are investigating a claim that a high school student used the cremated remains of a grandparent in a cookie recipe and served the cookies to unsuspecting students, KXTV reported.

The sugar cookies the student brought to DaVinci High School in Davis were given to at least nine students, police told KOVR. The incident allegedly occurred on Oct. 4, KXTV reported.

“This is a weird one,” Davis police Lt. Paul Doroshov told KOVR. “I have not heard of anyone getting sick or anybody being harmed as far as physically, physiologically by this.”

Police are trying to confirm that the incident actually took place. Authorities said no actual evidence has been found to support the claims of students who filed the reports, KXTV reported.

“This is so unconventional, it would take more research,” Doroshov told KOVR.

In a statement, the Davis Joint Union School District said the investigation is ongoing.

“This case has been particularly challenging and we have responded appropriately and in the most respectful and dignified way possible,” the statement read.

Massachusetts law bars wounded police officer from receiving donations 

An outpouring of support for a Massachusetts police officer wounded in the line of duty have been roadblocked by a state law that donors did not know about.

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More than $12,000 have been raised to help Falmouth police Officer Donald DeMiranda in his ongoing recovery, but all the money had to be returned to those who wanted to contribute.

On July 27, DeMiranda, along with Falmouth Officer Ryan Moore, responded to a report of public disturbance where a man was seen breaking bottles on the street. 

The suspect began shooting at DeMiranda and Moore, injuring both of them as well as a third officer.

None of the injuries sustained were life-threatening, but DeMiranda suffered more serious and complicated issues and he is still recovering months after the incident.

In an effort to help the Falmouth native, a GoFundMe page was launched and raked in $12,692 in donations for DeMiranda and his family.

However, police Chief Edward Dunne said DeMiranda decided to return all of the money donated to him and his family after he learned the financial support from his community violates the state's conflict of interest law.

“You’re talking about a kid who was born and raised here and went into a situation in his hometown," said Jennifer Hinds, a former high school classmate of DeMiranda and was among those who donated.

On top of all these gestures from a community who came together to help those who protect and serve them, 9-year-old Joe Ledwick set up a lemonade stand and raised $1,600 for both wounded officers.

Massachusetts law, however, prohibits any of these donations to reach the officers. In part, the law “prohibits a public employee from requesting or receiving anything of substantial value for or because of an official act or an act within the public employee’s official responsibility.” 

The law, which applies to all state, county and municipal employees, defines gifts of substantial value as $50 or more.

Hinds said she doesn't agree with the conflict of interest law, arguing the donations would not only help him but also his family.

"Police officers make most of their money from details and overtime, even though his base pay, (which) he’s still receiving, more than 50 percent of his pay is gone until he can get back," Hinds said. “I think a lot of people are saddened, it’s a two-family working household, they have kids (and) instead of being home and helping Donny recuperate, Kelly has got to go and work even more so she can make up the missing money they’re not receiving."

Dudley police Chief Steven Wojnar, president of the Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association, said he also doesn't agree with the law, saying in a statement:

“There should be some exceptions carved out in the law to provide these contributions to cover costs associated with the expenses incurred by these officers. The financial issues associated with things like lost work time and uncovered medical expenses can impact police officers the same as other people.”

While the town council in Falmouth checked with the state's ethics commissions to see if there was a loophole in the conflict of interest law that could make any exceptions for officers injured in the line of duty, they were told there is none.

Some of those who donated to DeMiranda are now giving the money to various nonprofit organizations.

As for the 9-year-old who raised money through his lemonade stand, he has now donated the funds to a Falmouth Police Support Fund.

Video shows Florida city official kill fleeing shoplifting suspect

Video released in the fatal shooting of an alleged shoplifter at a Florida military surplus store shows Lakeland city Commissioner Michael Dunn fire the shot that killed the man. 

Dunn, a vocal supporter of gun rights, is a co-owner of Vets Army Navy Surplus, located at 819 N. Florida Ave. in Lakeland. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Dunn was not arrested following the Oct. 3 shooting, which police officials have labeled a “death-justifiable homicide investigation.”

Lakeland detectives, along with the Florida State Attorney’s Office, are investigating the case. Brian Haas, state attorney for the 10th Judicial District, told the Times he anticipates the investigation being concluded by the end of the week. 

Surveillance video released Monday by police officials shows Dunn, 47, confronting Christobal Lopez, 50, of Wauchula, about a $16 hatchet Dunn said he saw Lopez conceal and try to leave with. Dunn holds a handgun in his right hand and, as both men move into the camera frame, he pushes Lopez with his left. 

Watch the footage released by investigators below. Warning: Some images may be too graphic for some viewers. The fatal confrontation between Dunn and Lopez begins at the 7-minute mark. 

As Lopez moves toward the door, Dunn tries to grab Lopez’s shoulder, but instead ends up with a fistful of the man’s shirt. Lopez raises his left arm, trying to break free.

Dunn then appears to fire at least one bullet into Lopez’s body. The alleged shoplifter falls to the ground just outside the door. An object which appears to be the hatchet is still in his right hand.  

The mortally wounded man moves for a few seconds, seemingly trying to get up. Lopez then goes still, as Dunn keeps his gun trained on him. 

The video continues for another three minutes, during which Dunn is seen moving in and out of the frame, the Times reported. No one tries to see if Lopez, who is face-down on the sidewalk, is alive or render first aid. 

Lopez’s death was ruled a homicide. 

Other footage released from inside the store appears to show Lopez take the hatchet and put it into the front of his pants. The grainy footage appears to show Dunn get up from his chair and place something in the back of his waistband.

The Lakeland Ledger reported that Dunn put a Glock handgun into his waistband. 

Gary Gross, spokesman for the Lakeland Police Department, told reporters at the scene the day of the shooting that dispatchers received a call just after 2:30 p.m. of shots fired at the store. Responding officers found Lopez dead just outside the door.

Three employees were inside the store at the time of the shooting, including Dunn, Gross said

Investigators learned from witness statements that Lopez entered the store with his father, a news release from the department said. As his father made a purchase, Dunn reportedly saw Lopez try to conceal a hatchet and leave the store without paying for it.

The surveillance footage shows what happened next. 

Dunn’s attorney, Rusty Franklin, told reporters following the shooting that his client was justified because Lopez had a hatchet in hand during their scuffle, the Times reported

Tim Hessinger, a Tampa defense attorney and former state prosecutor, told the Times after viewing the video, however, that it does not appear to show Dunn in fear for his life when he fires at Lopez, who was struggling to get away. 

“This is a very difficult case to defend,” Hessinger told the newspaper

Lopez’s family is trying to make sense of why he was killed. His obituary stated that Lopez, who lived most of his life in Hardee County, worked as an agricultural laborer. 

His sister, Veronica Lopez, told the Times following the shooting that her brother, who had a non-violent criminal history that included drug and shoplifting charges, did not deserve his fate. 

“He was not a violent person,” Veronica Lopez said. “My brother didn’t need to be killed like some animal.”

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Lopez’s Oct. 3 shooting is not the first time Dunn, who took office in January, has shot a man. The Times reported that Dunn accidentally shot a man when he was 19 years old. 

Reports at the time indicated that Dunn was pretending to draw a 9-mm handgun when the gun went off and a bullet traveled down an alley and struck a man in the elbow as he passed in his car. The shooting was ruled accidental and no charges were filed, the Times reported

Dunn in July held a rally at his store to counter a March for our Lives rally held nearby, according to the Times. The March for our Lives movement was formed by students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where 17 students and faculty were gunned down on Valentine’s Day. 

Surviving students have become prominent activists for better gun control. 

Daughter of officer killed in 9/11 attacks graduates from NYPD police academy

The daughter of a police officer who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks graduated from the New York Police Department Police Academy on Monday, WPIX reported.

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Jillian Suarez, 26, said she wanted to continue the legacy of her father, Ramon Suarez, who was killed while trying to save people at the World Trade Center.

“When the confetti came down, I felt him hugging me,” Suarez told reporters after the ceremony. “I’ve always loved law enforcement, but obviously when my dad had passed away, I realized that I wanted to follow his footsteps, and I want to continue the legacy.”

Suarez, had turned 9 two days before the terrorist attacks.

Ramon Suarez, 45, and his partner, Mark Ellis, were New York Police Department officers who commandeered a taxi cab and drove it to the World Trade Center after they heard that two planes had crashed into the buildings, the New York Post reported.

Suarez ran into north tower three times, saving an asthmatic woman and then a woman who was seven months pregnant, the newspaper reported. He died during his third trip into the building. Ellis also died that day, the Post reported.

“I know your dad is proud you're wearing his shield today Jillian and so are we," NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill said during the ceremony. "Congratulations, Police Officer Suarez."

Suarez will be wearing her father’s shield number -- 12671 -- when she begins work in New York’s Ninth Precinct, the Post reported.

Mom, 4 children dead in apparent murder-suicide, deputies say

A Tennessee mother and four children were found dead Monday in what investigators believe was a murder-suicide.

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According to the Columbia Daily Herald, a family member arrived at the Maury County home after 6 p.m. Monday and discovered the bodies, authorities said. 

The mother, whose name has not been released, appeared to have died from "a self-inflicted gunshot wound," the Daily Herald reported. The children – three girls and a boy – ranged from 8 to 16 years old and were home-schooled, authorities told WSMV.

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Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland said investigators do not believe there are any additional suspects, and the children's father was not at home during the incident, WZTV reported.

"We don't believe we have a suspect at large at this time, but we are going to be thorough with this investigation," Rowland said, according to the Daily Herald.

He added: "As emergency responders, we see gruesome scenes regularly, but this is not one that you see every day."

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