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Ohio State Fair ride accident kills one, injures six

UPDATE @ 8:07 p.m.

One person is dead and six injured after an accident on a ride at the Ohio State Fair Wednesday night in Columbus, Ohio, according to

UPDATE @ 8 p.m.

There are at least five injuries reported following the ride accident tonight during the opening day of the Ohio State Fair, the Columbus Dispatch reported.


Numerous emergency responders are on scene at the Ohio State Fair tonight for a report of a serious ride malfunction.

The fair opened today.

A caller to the News Center 7 newsroom said he heard a loud boom from the ride called the “Fire Ball” and that there were multiple injuries. However, his report has not been confirmed.

Story developing.

Traces Of Weedkiller Found In 10 Ben & Jerry's Flavors

Traces Of Weedkiller Found In 10 Ben & Jerry's Flavors

Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse Stirs Fears of Apocalypse

Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse Stirs Fears of Apocalypse

Fake doctor ran clinics in Georgia and across U.S. for 15 years

A woman pleaded guilty in federal court Wednesday to pretending to be a doctor while running clinics throughout the country during the last 15 years.

Prosecutors said Isabel Kesari Gervais, 60, used multiple aliases while offering naturopathic medicine, which the federal government says uses homeopathic and detoxification methods, among other things, to help patients heal themselves.

She entered her plea in an Alabama federal court and admitted to running clinics in Arkansas and Kansas as well as Georgia. Gervais had “no legitimate medical degrees or training,” according to a news release from federal prosecutors.

The American Medical Association recently said 18 states offer naturopathic medical licences. Georgia is not one of them.

The prosecutors said Gervais — often using variations on the names “Dr. Rose Starr” or “Debra Lynn Goodman” — ran the Chiron Clinic on Johnson Ferry Road in Marietta.

Georgia business records show a “Debrah L. Goodman” registered The Chiron Clinic Atlanta LLC to an office inside Northside Hospital during April 2004. The business dissolved in May 2008.

“At all the clinics, Gervais falsely represented herself as a licensed doctor with extensive experience and various degrees who used naturopathic medicine to cure people of various illnesses, including cancer,” the release said.

To stay out of trouble, authorities said, she abandoned rental properties and changed locations all while adopting new aliases.

According to the indictment, she made charges on the credit cards of Alabama patients totaling about $9,000. She operated that clinic in Hoover out of an herb shop.

“She promised patients, including cancer sufferers, at the Hoover clinic that she could provide various medical services, including DNA tests that she did not have the technology to conduct,” prosecutors said.

She had “Dr. Rose Starr” business cards and advertised with that name online and on the radio in Alabama, the indictment said.

Gervais pleaded guilty to one charge each of wire fraud affecting a financial institution, aggravated identity theft and making false statements.

She faces a maximum of 37 years and fines up to $1.25 million.

She already agreed to forfeit $108,146 she gained from the illegal activity.

Gervais has been in Alabama’s Shelby County Jail since March 24, according to the jail’s online database. Prosecutors said she is set to be sentenced in November.

Want to improve your memory? Have a drink after studying

If you suffer from a bad memory, there could be a simple solution to help improve it. Just grab a drink after studying something new, because scientists say booze could boost your ability to retain information. 

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A group of scientists from the University of Exeter conducted a study to determine how alcohol consumption can affect the brain. To do so, they randomly split a group of 88 social drinkers into two groups and told them to either drink as much as they wanted or not at all. Then they were each given a word-learning task. 

After analyzing the data, they determined that those who drank alcohol could remember more of what they learned than those who did not. 

“Our research not only showed that those who drank alcohol did better when repeating the word-learning task, but that this effect was stronger among those who drank more,” Celia Morgan, study researcher, said in a release.

While researchers aren’t sure of the cause, they believe alcohol consumption may influence long-term memory. 

“Alcohol blocks the learning of new information and therefore the brain has more resources available to lay down other recently learned information into long-term memory,” Morgan said. “The theory is that the hippocampus -- the brain area really important in memory -- switches to ‘consolidating’ memories, transferring from short into longer-term memory.”

Despite the results, scientists noted that the negative effects of heavy alcohol consumption should be considered. 

Jacksonville retired Navy captain: ‘Treat all my sailors like sailors, regardless of gender'

With three tweets, President Donald Trump announced a new military policy banning transgender people from serving in any capacity.

The decision reverses course on a change that’s been in effect since last year.

A spokesman at Mayport Naval Base said he can’t comment on how many, if any, transgender people serve there.

According to Equality Florida, there are 15,000 openly transgender members of the military currently serving. The president cited “tremendous medical costs” and “disruption” as the basis for his decision, after consulting “my Generals and military experts.”

Some see it as a departure from campaign promises, such as a June 2016 tweet in which he told the LGBT community, “I will fight for you.”

“Obviously, it’s a very difficult decision. It’s not a simple one. But the president thinks it’s the best one for the military,” White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.

“Treat all my sailors like sailors, regardless of gender,” said retired Navy Capt. Rick Hoffman of Jacksonville. Hoffman served in the Navy for 28 years, commanding two ships. Most of his service was at Mayport.

#Jax retired Navy Captain on transgender ban: "Treat all my sailors like sailors, regardless of gender." Full story:— Jenna Bourne (@jennaANjax) July 26, 2017

Hoffman said he disagrees that transgender service members would be inherently disruptive, saying the same arguments were made about female and gay troops.

“If somebody wants to come to join my Navy and to serve, I wouldn’t discriminate against someone in any capacity, so long as they met the standards, had the right purpose and dedication,” Hoffman said.

A study last year by RAND National Defense Research Institute found that paying for transition-related treatment costs for transgender troops would cause military health system costs to increase by what it called “an exceedingly small proportion” of current spending.

That study also found that allowing transgender troops to serve in foreign militaries has had “no significant impact on unit cohesion or operational readiness.” 

#Mayport spokesman tells me he can't comment on how many, if any, #transgender people serve here. @equalityfl says 15,000 serve nationwide.— Jenna Bourne (@jennaANjax) July 26, 2017 At 5: #Jax retired @USNavy Captain on @realDonaldTrump #transgender policy: "Treat all my sailors like sailors, regardless of gender"— Jenna Bourne (@jennaANjax) July 26, 2017

St. Augustine attractions offering discounts during slower tourism months of August, September

A $210,000 advertisement program is targeting those living in the southeast to bring more people to Ponte Vedra and downtown St Augustine during August and September.

“It’s the slowest time of the year; the occupancy for hotels is slowest, availability in restaurants is the greatest,” said Richard Goldman, CEO of the St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Goldman said in August and September, many local attractions will offer discounts for both locals and visitors.

LOCAL NEWS: Disabled Jacksonville woman sues 40 Jacksonville businesses for discrimination

“You get some of the best prices of the season, many attractions from trolleys to trains and Ripley’s have free admission,” Goldman said.

Some visitors are excited about this.

“With the discounts, it definitely makes it a lot less expensive to tour and see more of the events that’s offered,” Patricia Steward said.

But St. Augustine Mayor Nancy Shaver said some neighbors are on the fence about this.

“One of the concerns that’s being expressed is, 'Gee this is the time when we have the town more or less to ourselves and we don’t want to see more visitors,'” Shaver said.

TRENDING: Coca-Cola is replacing Coke Zero with a new soft drink

One neighbor said he may have to adjust when he goes into town if the traffic is heavy, but he also know the town thrives off of tourism.

“Without tourism this town really suffers,” said neighbor Alex Kassay.

“It’s the yin and yang of living in a tourist town,” Shaver said.

Shaver said the city is working with the Florida Department of Transportation to figure out ways to help with congestion.

Drone Carrying Cellphone And Marijuana Crashes In Prison Yard

Drone Carrying Cellphone And Marijuana Crashes In Prison Yard

Man accused of smuggling deadly cobras into U.S. inside potato chip cans

Customs officials said they seized three highly venomous king cobra snakes that were being smuggled into the country earlier this year inside potato chip cans.

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The two-foot-long snakes were shipped from Hong Kong to California in March and were intended for Rodrigo Franco, 34, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A crocodile, three alligator snapping turtles and five diamond back terrapins also were seized from Franco over the past year, the Times reported.

Officials searched Franco’s Monterey Park home in March and found a tank with a crocodile and turtles inside his children’s bedroom, according to the Times.

Franco was charged with one count of illegally importing merchandise into the United States. If convicted, he could face up to 20 years in federal prison, authorities said.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times.

Former House Speaker John Boehner Calls Hard Right Conservatives 'Knucklehead Caucus'

Former House Speaker John Boehner Calls Hard Right Conservatives 'Knucklehead Caucus'
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